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[al-kal-dee; Spanish ahl-kahl-th e]
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noun, plural al·cal·des [al-kal-deez; Spanish ahl-kahl-th es] /ælˈkæl diz; Spanish ɑlˈkɑl ðɛs/. (in Spain and Southwestern U.S.)
  1. a mayor having judicial powers.
Also al·cade [al-keyd] /ælˈkeɪd/.

Origin of alcalde

1605–15; < Spanish < Arabic al-qāḍī the judge
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alcade (ælˈkeɪd)

  1. (in Spain and Spanish America) the mayor or chief magistrate in a town

Word Origin

C17: from Spanish, from Arabic al-qādī the judge, from qadā to judge
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