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[an-l-in, -ahyn]
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  1. Also called aniline oil, aminobenzine, phenylamine. Chemistry. a colorless, oily, slightly water-soluble liquid, C6H5NH2, usually derived from nitrobenzene by reduction: used chiefly in the synthesis of dyes and drugs.
  1. pertaining to or derived from aniline: aniline colors.
Also an·i·lin [an-l-in] /ˈæn l ɪn/.

Origin of aniline

First recorded in 1840–50; anil + -ine2
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Historical Examples

  • The vessels are placed in a special pandal, and worshipped with flowers, anilin and turmeric powders.

    Castes and Tribes of Southern India

    Edgar Thurston

  • The anilin fuchsin must be added slowly with constant stirring and the mixture boiled and filtered.

    The Fundamentals of Bacteriology

    Charles Bradfield Morrey

  • Practically all bacteriological stains are solutions of the anilin dyes.

    The Fundamentals of Bacteriology

    Charles Bradfield Morrey

  • Such forms as gram, cocain, chlorid, anemia and anilin are the products of its influence.

    The American Language

    Henry L. Mencken

British Dictionary definitions for anilin


  1. a colourless oily pungent poisonous liquid used in the manufacture of dyes, plastics, pharmaceuticals, and explosives. Formula: C 6 H 5 NH 2Also called: phenylamine
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Word Origin and History for anilin



chemical base used in making colorful dyes, 1843, coined 1841 by German chemist Carl Julius Fritzsche (1808-1871) and adopted by Hofmann, ultimately from Portuguese anil "the indigo shrub," from Arabic an-nil "the indigo," assimilated from al-nil, from Persian nila, ultimately from Sanskrit nili "indigo," from nilah "dark blue." With chemical suffix -ine (2).

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anilin in Medicine


  1. An oily, poisonous benzene derivative used in the manufacture of dyes and pharmaceuticals.
  1. Derived from aniline.
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anilin in Science


  1. A colorless, oily, poisonous compound used in the manufacture of rubber, dyes, resins, pharmaceuticals, and varnishes. Aniline is an amine of benzene. Chemical formula: C6H7N.
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