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anno aetatis suae

[ahn-noh ahy-tah-tis soo-ahy; English an-oh i-tey-tis soo-ee]
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  1. in the year of his age; in the year of her age.

anno mundi

[ahn-noh moo n-dee; English an-oh muhn-dahy, -dee]
  1. in the year of the world.

anno regni

[ahn-noh reg-nee; English an-oh reg-nahy, -nee]
  1. in the year of the reign.

anno urbis conditae

[ahn-noh oor-bis kohn-di-tahy; English an-oh ur-bis kon-di-tee]
  1. in the year from the founding of the city (Rome, about 753 b.c.). Abbreviation: A.U.C.
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Examples from the Web for anno

Historical Examples

  • This famous Newton, this destroyer of the Cartesian system, died in March, anno 1727.

    Letters on England


  • To Stanislaus and Anno the word "wolves" came as a stunning shock.


    Elliott O'Donnell

  • Anno shouted, turning round and poking the coachman in the ribs with her umbrella.


    Elliott O'Donnell

  • The morow after the feast of saint Michaell, a parlement Anno Reg.

  • The foundation of Brussels is counted from the year, anno salutis, 900.

    The Eve of All-Hallows, v. 2 of 3

    Matthew Weld Hartstonge

British Dictionary definitions for anno

anno regni

  1. in the year of the reign

anno urbis conditae

  1. the full form of AUC

Word Origin

literally: in the year of the founding of the city
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