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[ri-puhb-li-kuh n]
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  1. of, relating to, or of the nature of a republic.
  2. favoring a republic.
  3. fitting or appropriate for the citizen of a republic: a very republican notion.
  4. (initial capital letter) of or relating to the Republican Party.
  1. a person who favors a republican form of government.
  2. (initial capital letter) a member of the Republican Party.

Origin of republican

First recorded in 1685–95, republican is from the French word républicain, Middle French. See republic, -an
Related formsan·ti·re·pub·li·can, adjective, nounhalf-re·pub·li·can, adjectivenon·re·pub·li·can, adjective, nounpre·re·pub·li·can, adjectivepro·re·pub·li·can, adjective, nounpseu·do·re·pub·li·can, adjectivesem·i·re·pub·li·can, adjective, nounun·re·pub·li·can, adjective
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  1. of, resembling, or relating to a republic
  2. supporting or advocating a republic
  1. a supporter or advocate of a republic


  1. of, belonging to, or relating to a Republican Party
  2. of, belonging to, or relating to the Irish Republican Army
  1. a member or supporter of a Republican Party
  2. a member or supporter of the Irish Republican Army
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Word Origin and History for anti-republican



1712, "belonging to a republic, of the nature of a republic, consonant to the principles of a republic," from republic + -an. The French republican calendar was in use from Nov. 26, 1793 to Dec. 31, 1805.



"one who favors a republic or republican principles" (or, as Johnson puts it, "One who thinks a commonwealth without monarchy the best government"), 1690s; see from republican (adj.). With capital R-, in reference to a member of a specific U.S. political party (the Anti-Federalists) from 1782, though this was not the ancestor of the modern U.S. Republican Party, which dates from 1854.

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anti-republican in Culture

Irish Republican Army

A secret organization in Ireland that originally fought for Irish independence from Britain. After the division of Ireland in the early twentieth century into Northern Ireland, which remained united with Britain, and the Irish Free State, now called the Republic of Ireland, the IRA took as its goal the uniting of the entire island under the Republic. The IRA continues to pursue this goal; membership, however, is illegal in the Republic, and the IRA's Provisional Wing has practiced terrorism. (See Sinn Fein.)

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