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[an-ti-buh-kahy-uh s]
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noun, plural an·ti·bac·chi·i [an-ti-buh-kahy-ahy, -kahy-ee] /ˌæn tɪ bəˈkaɪ aɪ, -ˈkaɪ i/. Prosody.
  1. a foot of three syllables that in quantitative meter consists of two long syllables followed by a short one, and that in accentual meter consists of two stressed syllables followed by an unstressed one.
Compare bacchius.

Origin of antibacchius

1580–90; < Late Latin < Greek antibákcheios. See anti-, bacchius
Related formsan·ti·bac·chic [an-ti-bak-ik] /ˌæn tɪˈbæk ɪk/, adjective
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