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  1. Arthur. Wellington, 1st Duke of.
  2. his brotherRobert Col·ley [kol-ee] /ˈkɒl i/, 1st Marquis,1760–1842, British statesman and administrator, born in Ireland: governor general of India 1797–1805.
  3. a city in E Massachusetts, near Boston.


[wel-ing-tuh n]
  1. 1st Duke ofArthur Wellesleythe Iron Duke, 1769–1852, British general and statesman, born in Ireland: prime minister 1828–30.
  2. Wellington boot.
  3. a seaport in and the capital of New Zealand, on S North Island.
  4. beef Wellington.
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  1. Arthur. See (1st Duke of) Wellington 2
  2. his brother, Richard Colley, Marquis Wellesley. 1760–1842, British administrator. As governor general of Bengal (1797–1805) he consolidated British power in India


  1. an administrative district, formerly a province, of New Zealand, on SW North Island: major livestock producer in New Zealand. Capital: Wellington. Pop: 456 900 (2004 est). Area: 28 153 sq km (10 870 sq miles)
  2. the capital city of New Zealand. Its port, historically Port Nicholson, on Wellington Harbour has a car and rail ferry link between the North and South Islands; university (1899). Pop: 182 600 (2004 est)


  1. 1st Duke of, title of Arthur Wellesley. 1769–1852, British soldier and statesman; prime minister (1828–30). He was given command of the British forces against the French in the Peninsular War (1808–14) and routed Napoleon at Waterloo (1815)
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boot so called from 1817, for Arthur, 1st Duke of Wellington (1769-1852), who also in his lifetime had a style of coat, hat, and trousers named for him as well as a variety of apple and pine tree.

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