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noun (used with a plural verb)
  1. a class of vertebrates comprising the birds.

Origin of Aves

1895–1900; < New Latin; Latin, plural of avis bird


[ah-vey, ey-vee]
  1. hail; welcome.
  2. farewell; goodbye.
  1. the salutation “ave.”
  2. (initial capital letter) Ave Maria.

Origin of ave

1200–50; Middle English < Latin: imperative 2nd singular of avēre to be well, fare well
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Examples from the Web for aves

Historical Examples

  • In reciting a hundred and fifty Aves Serge had not once repeated himself.

    Abbe Mouret's Transgression

    Emile Zola

  • Perhaps the Aves fetched me, only it took them a long while.


    George Eliot

  • Then a Pater, ten Aves, and a Gloria are nothing; it is not heavy as a penance!

    En Route</p>

    J.-K. (Joris-Karl) Huysmans

  • But if we get on his trail and it looks like Aves Im for it.

  • Well, that knocks out my theory about Aves a bit, declared Rawlins.

British Dictionary definitions for aves


pl n
  1. the class of vertebrates comprising the birdsSee bird (def. 1)

Word Origin

pl of Latin avis bird


sentence substitute
  1. welcome or farewell

Word Origin



noun RC Church
  1. short for Ave Maria See Hail Mary
  2. the time for the Angelus to be recited, so called because of the threefold repetition of the Ave Maria in this devotion
  3. the beads of the rosary used to count the number of Ave Marias said

Word Origin

C13: from Latin: hail!



abbreviation for
  1. avenue
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Word Origin and History for aves


"hail," also "farewell," early 13c. (in reference to the Ave Maria), from Latin ave, second person singular imperative of avere "to be or fare well."

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