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  1. James,1924–87, U.S. writer.
  2. James Mark,1861–1934, U.S. psychologist.
  3. Lo·am·mi [loh-am-ahy] /loʊˈæm aɪ/, 1740–1807, U.S. civil engineer and developer of the Baldwin apple.
  4. Mat·thi·as William [muh-thahy-uh s] /məˈθaɪ əs/, 1795–1866, U.S. inventor, manufacturer, and philanthropist.
  5. Roger,1884–1981, U.S. advocate of constitutional rights: a founder of the American Civil Liberties Union.
  6. Stanley1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley, 1867–1947, British statesman: prime minister 1923–24, 1924–29, 1935–37.
  7. a variety of red, or red and yellow, winter apple, grown especially in the northeast U.S.
  8. a town on S Long Island, in SE New York.
  9. a city in W Pennsylvania, near Pittsburgh.

Baldwin I

  1. 1058–1118, king of Jerusalem 1100–18: fought in the first crusade.
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  1. James Arthur . 1924–87, US Black writer, whose works include the novel Go Tell it on the Mountain (1954)
  2. Stanley, 1st Earl Baldwin of Bewdley. 1867–1947, British Conservative statesman: prime minister (1923–24, 1924–29, 1935–37)

Baldwin I

  1. 1058–1118, crusader and first king of Jerusalem (1100–18), who captured Acre (1104), Beirut (1109), and Sidon (1110)
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masc. proper name, from Old French Baldoin (Modern French Baudouin), from a Germanic source, cf. Old High German Baldawin, literally "bold friend," from bald "bold" (see bold) + wini "friend" (see win). A popular Flemish name, common in England before and after the Conquest.

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