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noun Islam.
  1. a spiritual power believed to be possessed by certain persons, objects, tombs, etc.

Origin of baraka

< Arabic barakah; compare Hebrew bərākhāh blessing


  1. I·ma·mu A·mi·ri [ih-mah-moo uh-meer-ee] /ɪˈmɑ mu əˈmɪər i/, Everett LeRoi Jones, 1934–2014, U.S. dramatist, poet, and political activist.
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Historical Examples

  • Speke declined the favour, but sent Baraka to arrange the hongo.

  • Bombay and Baraka gave their masters also a good deal of trouble.

  • They had probably buried or burnt Baraka's clothes, for she did not see them anywhere.

    The Diva's Ruby

    F. Marion Crawford

  • Baraka sat down again, on the spot where she had slept, but she said nothing.

    The Diva's Ruby

    F. Marion Crawford

  • Van Torp told her Baraka's history, as far as he knew it from Logotheti.

    The Diva's Ruby

    F. Marion Crawford