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noun, plural bar·neys.
  1. Informal.
    1. an argument.
    2. a prizefight.
    3. a fight or brawl.
    4. a blunder or mistake.
  2. a small locomotive used in mining and logging.
  3. Movie Slang. a heavily padded cover for a camera, used to reduce the camera noise so that it will not be picked up by the sound-recording equipment.

Origin of barney

First recorded in 1860–65; perhaps special uses of Barney


  1. a male given name, form of Bernard.


  1. Ber·na Eli [bur-nuh] /ˈbɜr nə/, Barney, 1878–1946, U.S. racing-car driver.
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Historical Examples

  • Barney was always the sort who would rather tell a lie than the truth.

    The Avenger

    E. Phillips Oppenheim

  • "It's Barney Black and his wife," he answered, in a whisper.

    Cap'n Dan's Daughter

    Joseph C. Lincoln

  • I caught a glimpse of him at the club, that time when I went there with Barney—Godfreys!

    Cap'n Dan's Daughter

    Joseph C. Lincoln

  • Why, Barney Black got after me only the other day about you.

    Cap'n Dan's Daughter

    Joseph C. Lincoln

  • The Barney chap lived there with a Chinaman who did his housework.

British Dictionary definitions for barney


  1. a noisy argument
verb (intr)
  1. mainly Australian and NZ to argue or quarrel

Word Origin

C19: of unknown origin


  1. Bruce. born 1950, British fashion designer
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Word Origin and History for barney


1859, British slang, "lark, spree, rough enjoyment," of uncertain origin. Later also "a fixed prize-fight."

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