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[ber-uh n-suh n]
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  1. Bernard or Bern·hard [bur-nahrd, burn-hahrd] /ˈbɜr nɑrd, ˈbɜrn hɑrd/, 1865–1959, U.S. art critic, born in Lithuania.
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  • Mr Berenson ascribes them to Duccio and Fungai respectively.

  • In the Capitol is a fresco painting which Mr. Berenson ascribes to our master.


    Evelyn March Phillipps

  • Finally, Mr. Berenson, with rare insight proclaimed the conception and the spirit of the picture to be Giorgione's.


    Herbert Cook

  • Mr. Berenson answers the question thus: "His pictures are the perfect reflex of the Renaissance at its height."


    Herbert Cook

  • Mr. Berenson calls attention further to the historical significance of this page from contemporary life and manners.

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  1. Bernard 1865–1959, US art historian, born in Lithuania: an authority on art of the Italian Renaissance
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