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Black and Tan

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  1. Usually Black and Tans. an armed force of about 6000 soldiers sent by the British government to Ireland in June, 1920, to suppress revolutionary activity: so called from the colors of their uniform.
  2. a member of this force.
  3. (lowercase) a drink made of equal parts of ale and stout or porter.
  4. (lowercase) a black-and-tan dog.

Origin of Black and Tan

1880–85 for def 4
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British Dictionary definitions for black and tans

Black and Tans

pl n
  1. the Black and Tans a specially recruited armed auxiliary police force sent to Ireland in 1921 by the British Government to combat Sinn Féin

Word Origin

name suggested by the colour of their uniforms and the Black and Tans hunt in Munster

black and tan

  1. a mixture of stout or porter and ale
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