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or bol·she·vize

[bohl-shuh-vahyz, bol-]
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verb (used with object), Bol·she·vized, Bol·she·viz·ing.
  1. to bring under the influence or domination of Bolshevists; render Bolshevik or Bolshevistic.
verb (used without object), Bol·she·vized, Bol·she·viz·ing.
  1. to become Bolshevik or Bolshevistic; act like a Bolshevik.
Also especially British, Bol·shev·ise, bol·shev·ise.

Origin of Bolshevize

First recorded in 1915–20; Bolshev(ist) + -ize
Related formsBol·she·vi·za·tion, noun
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