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  1. William Mar·cy [mahr-see] /ˈmɑr si/Boss Tweed, 1823–78, U.S. politician.
  2. a river flowing E from S Scotland along part of the NE boundary of England into the North Sea. 97 miles (156 km) long.
  3. a male given name.
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British Dictionary definitions for boss-tweed


    1. a thick woollen often knobbly cloth produced originally in Scotland
    2. (as modifier)a tweed coat
  1. (plural) clothes made of this cloth, esp a man's or woman's suit
  2. (plural) Australian informal trousers

Word Origin

C19: probably from tweel, a Scottish variant of twill, influenced by Tweed


  1. a river in SE Scotland and NE England, flowing east and forming part of the border between Scotland and England, then crossing into England to enter the North Sea at Berwick. Length: 156 km (97 miles)
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Word Origin and History for boss-tweed



1847 (perhaps as early as 1831), a trade name said to have developed from a misreading (supposedly by London hatter James Locke) of tweel, Scottish variant of twill, possibly influenced by the river Tweed in Scotland.

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