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[boh-tuh; Spanish baw-tah]
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noun, plural bo·tas [boh-tuh z; Spanish baw-tahs] /ˈboʊ təz; Spanish ˈbɔ tɑs/.
  1. Also called bota bag. a wine bag of Spain made of untanned goatskin and usually holding 1–2 liters (1.1–2.2 quarts).
  2. a wine barrel of Spain holding 500 liters (132 U.S. gallons).

Origin of bota

< Spanish < Late Latin butta, buttis cask; see butt4
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Historical Examples

  • The bota is the retail receptacle, the cuero is the wholesale one.

    Gatherings From Spain

    Richard Ford

  • The bota passed from hand to hand, while the ladies, seated on carpets, were sipping water and smoking their cigarettes.

    The Smuggler Chief

    Gustave Aimard

  • They are taking wine from the bota, the long-spouted leather bottle from which only the Spaniard has the skill to drink.

    Things seen in Spain

    C. Gasquoine Hartley

  • On getting up in the morning Sancho Panza was grieved to find the contents of his bota decidedly diminished.

    The Story of Don Quixote</p>

    Arvid Paulson, Clayton Edwards, and Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra

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