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[see-luh m]
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noun, genitive Cae·li [see-lahy, -lee] /ˈsi laɪ, -li/. Astronomy.
  1. the Sculptor's Tool, or Chisel, a small southern constellation between Columba and Eridanus.

Origin of Caelum

< Latin: engraving tool

fiat justitia, ruat caelum

[fee-aht yoo s-tee-tee-ah roo-aht kahy-loo m; English fee-aht juhs-tish-ee-uh roo-at see-luh m, fahy-uh t]
  1. let there be justice though the heavens fall.
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Historical Examples

  • Caelum non animum, &c. Do you think he has reformed now that he has crossed the sea, and changed the air?

    Roundabout Papers

    William Makepeace Thackeray

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noun Latin genitive Caeli (ˈsiːlaɪ)
  1. a small faint constellation in the S hemisphere close to Eridanus

Word Origin

Latin: the sky, heaven
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