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  1. a combining form meaning “fruit,” “fruiting body,” used in the formation of compound words: carpophore; carpogonium.

Origin of carpo-1

< Greek karpo-, combining form of karpós fruit


  1. a combining form meaning “wrist,” used in the formation of compound words: carpometacarpal.

Origin of carpo-2

From the Greek word karpós wrist
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British Dictionary definitions for carpo-


combining form
  1. (in botany) indicating fruit or a reproductive structure that develops into part of the fruitcarpophore; carpogonium

Word Origin

from Greek karpos fruit


combining form
  1. carpus or carpal bonescarpometacarpus
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Word Origin and History for carpo-


word-forming element meaning "fruit," from Latinized form of Greek karpo-, comb. form of karpos "fruit" (see carpel).


word-forming element meaning "wrist," from comb. form of Latin carpus, from Greek karpos "wrist" (see carpus).

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