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  1. Marc·an·to·nio [mahr-kahn-taw-nyaw] /ˌmɑr kɑnˈtɔ nyɔ/, 1623–69, Italian composer.


[ses-tuh s]
noun, plural ces·ti [ses-tahy] /ˈsɛs taɪ/.
  1. a girdle or belt, especially as worn by women of ancient Greece.
  2. Classical Mythology. the girdle of Venus, decorated with every object that could arouse amorous desire.
Also especially British, ces·tos.

Origin of cestus1

1570–80; < Latin < Greek kestós a girdle, literally, (something) stitched, equivalent to kes- (variant stem of kenteîn to stitch; see center) + -tos verbal adjective suffix


[ses-tuh s]
noun, plural ces·tus·es. Roman Antiquity.
  1. a hand covering made of leather strips and often covered with metal studs, worn by boxers.

Origin of cestus2

1725–35; < Latin cestus, caestus
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Historical Examples

  • The above are taken from a fine song by Cesti , "Tu mancavi a tormentarmi."

    Advice to Singers</p>

    Frederick James Crowest

  • The two young men enjoyed themselves for some while, playing first a suite by Cesti, and then two early sonatas by Buononcini.

    The Lost Stradivarius</p>

    John Meade Falkner

British Dictionary definitions for cesti


cestos (ˈsɛstɒs)

  1. classical myth the girdle of Aphrodite (Venus) decorated to cause amorousness

Word Origin

C16: from Latin, from Greek kestos belt, from kentein to stitch



noun plural -tus or -tuses
  1. (in classical Roman boxing) a pugilist's gauntlet of bull's hide loaded or studded with metal

Word Origin

C18: from Latin caestus, probably from caedere to strike, slay
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