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[cham-pak, chuhm-puhk]
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  1. a southern Asian tree, Michelia champaca, of the magnolia family, having fragrant yellow or orange flowers and yielding an oil (champaca oil) used in perfumes.
Also cham·pa·ca [cham-puh-kuh, chuhm-] /ˈtʃæm pə kə, ˈtʃʌm-/, cham·pak.

Origin of champac

1760–70; < Hindi campak < Sanskrit campaka
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  1. a magnoliaceous tree, Michelia champaca, of India and the East Indies. Its fragrant yellow flowers yield an oil used in perfumes and its wood is used for furniture

Word Origin

C18: from Hindi campak, from Sanskrit campaka, of Dravidian origin
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