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  1. (sometimes initial capital letter) a single- or double-breasted topcoat or overcoat with a fly front and a narrow velvet collar.
  2. a large, overstuffed sofa or divan with a back and upholstered arms.
  3. Chiefly Canadian. any large sofa or couch.

Origin of chesterfield

First recorded in 1885–90; named after an Earl of Chesterfield in the 19th century


  1. Philip Dor·mer Stan·hope [dawr-mer stan-uh p] /ˈdɔr mər ˈstæn əp/, 4th Earl of,1694–1773, British statesman and author.
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Historical Examples

  • He never can have read, no, he never can have been in a room with a volume of the divine Chesterfield.

    The Contrast

    Royall Tyler

  • Chesterfield pronounced it to be from the pen of Bolingbroke.

  • I turned about, and there stood my companion at Chesterfield.

    Tales Of The Trains

    Charles James Lever

  • She moves to the Chesterfield and leans against it, biting her nails.

  • She dropped her arms and fell back upon the chesterfield, insensible.

    The Yellow Claw

    Sax Rohmer

British Dictionary definitions for chesterfield


  1. a man's knee-length overcoat, usually with a fly front to conceal the buttons and having a velvet collar
  2. a large tightly stuffed sofa, often upholstered in leather, with straight upholstered arms of the same height as the back

Word Origin

C19: named after a 19th-century Earl of Chesterfield


  1. an industrial town in N central England, in Derbyshire: famous 14th-century church with twisted spire. Pop: 70 260 (2001)


  1. Philip Dormer Stanhope, 4th Earl of Chesterfield. 1694–1773, English statesman and writer, noted for his elegance, suavity, and wit; author of Letters to His Son (1774)
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Word Origin and History for chesterfield


Derbyshire town, Old English Cesterfelda, literally "open land near a Roman fort," from ceaster "fort" (see Chester) + feld "open land" (see field (n.)). The cigarette brand was named for Chesterfield County, Virginia, U.S. As a kind of overcoat and a kind of sofa (both 19c.), the name comes from earls of Chesterfield. Philip Stanhope, the fourth Earl of Chesterfield (1694-1773) was the writer on manners and etiquette.

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