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[kris-chuh-niz-uh m]
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  1. the beliefs and practices of Christians.

Origin of Christianism

1570–80; < Late Latin Chrīstiānismus < Greek Chrīstiānismós Christianity, equivalent to chrīstiān(ós) Christian + -ismos -ism
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Historical Examples

  • He was an Egyptian, and had been converted from philosophy to Christianism.

    Pagan Origin of Partialist Doctrines</p>

    John Claudius Pitrat

  • His works are a refutation of Paganism, and an apology of Christianism.

  • Hunt wrote two religious books, Christianism and Religion of the Heart.

  • Christianism offers nothing to either the owners or workers in the sky for its god and heaven, devil and hell are lies.

    Communism and Christianism</p>

    William Montgomery Brown

  • The inspiration of Christianism I had taken to be personal truth which could be trusted.

Word Origin and History for christianism



1560s, "Christianity," from Christian + -ism. From c.2004 in reference to politicized fundamentalist Christianity in the U.S. Related: Christianist.

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