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  1. of or relating to a Paleo-Indian cultural tradition of North America, especially the American Southwest, dated 10,000–9000 b.c. and characterized by a usually bifacial, fluted stone projectile point (Clovis point) used in big-game hunting.

Origin of Clovis1

1955–60; after Clovis, New Mexico, near where such projectile points were found


  1. a town in central California.
  2. a city in E New Mexico.
  3. a male given name.

Clovis I

[kloh-vis; French klaw-vees]
  1. a.d. c465–511, king of the Franks 481–511.
German Chlodwig.
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Clovis I

  1. German name Chlodwig. ?466–511 ad, king of the Franks (481–511), who extended the Merovingian kingdom to include most of Gaul and SW Germany
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type of prehistoric stone spearpoints, 1943, from Clovis, New Mexico, U.S., near which place they were found. The town is said to have been named for the Frankish king Clovis (Latinized from Frankish Chlodovech, from Germanic masc. proper name *hluda-wigaz "famous in battle," cognate with Ludwig and Louis).

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