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[kob-uh l]
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verb (used with object), cob·bled, cob·bling.
  1. to mend (shoes, boots, etc.); patch.
  2. to put together roughly or clumsily.

Origin of cobble1

First recorded in 1490–1500; apparently back formation from cobbler


[kob-uh l]
  1. a cobblestone.
  2. cobbles, coal in lumps larger than a pebble and smaller than a boulder.
  3. Metalworking.
    1. a defect in a rolled piece resulting from loss of control over its movement.
    2. Slang.a piece showing bad workmanship.
verb (used with object), cob·bled, cob·bling.
  1. to pave with cobblestones.

Origin of cobble2

1595–1605; perhaps cob + -le; see cobblestone


[kob-uh l]
  1. New England, New York State, and New Jersey. (especially in placenames) a rounded hill.

Origin of cobble3

First recorded in 1885–95; perhaps < cobble2
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British Dictionary definitions for cobble


  1. short for cobblestone
  2. geology a rock fragment, often rounded, with a diameter of 64–256 mm and thus smaller than a boulder but larger than a pebble
  1. (tr) to pave (a road) with cobblestones
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Derived Formscobbled, adjective

Word Origin

C15 (in cobblestone): from cob 1


verb (tr)
  1. to make or mend (shoes)
  2. to put together clumsily

Word Origin

C15: back formation from cobbler 1
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Word Origin and History for cobble


"paving stone; worn, rounded stone," c.1600, earlier cobblestone, probably a diminutive of cob in some sense. The verb in this sense is from 1690s. Related: Cobbled; cobbling.


"to mend clumsily," late 15c., perhaps a back-formation from cobbler (n.1), or from cob, via a notion of lumps. Related: Cobbled; cobbling.

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cobble in Science


  1. A rock fragment larger than a pebble and smaller than a boulder. Pebbles have a diameter between 64 and 256 mm (2.56 and 10.24 inches) and are often rounded.
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