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noun, plural (especially collectively) cod, (especially referring to two or more kinds or species) cods.
  1. any of several soft-rayed food fishes of the family Gadidae, especially Gadus morhua, of cool, North Atlantic waters.
  2. a closely related fish, Gadus macrocephalus, of the North Pacific.
  3. any of several unrelated fishes, as rockfishes of the genus Sebastes.

Origin of cod1

1325–75; Middle English origin uncertain


  1. Slang: Vulgar. testicle.

Origin of cod2

before 1000; Middle English; Old English codd; akin to Old Norse koddi pillow


  1. Cape. Cape Cod.
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Historical Examples

  • And a little happiness will do more than all the cods in Hammerfest!

    Hopes and Fears

    Charlotte M. Yonge

  • The Cods represented the interests of the powerful burgher corporations.

    History of Holland

    George Edmundson

  • This Lupus marinus or Lycostomus is often taken by our seamen wch fish for cods I haue had diuers brought mee.

  • A cart load of cods weighed by means of a double steel yard, one below and suspended from the other.

  • The Cods follow them as the bloodhound follows his prey, and their compact masses literally line the shores.

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noun plural cod or cods
  1. any of the gadoid food fishes of the genus Gadus, esp G. morhua (or G. callarias), which occurs in the North Atlantic and has a long body with three rounded dorsal fins: family Gadidae . They are also a source of cod-liver oil
  2. any other fish of the family GadidaeSee gadid
  3. Australian any of various unrelated Australian fish, such as the Murray cod

Word Origin

C13: probably of Germanic origin; compare Old High German cutte


  1. British and US dialect a pod or husk
  2. an obsolete word for scrotum
  3. obsolete a bag or envelope

Word Origin

Old English codd husk, bag; related to Old Norse koddi, Danish kodde


verb cods, codding or codded (tr)
  1. British and Irish slang to make fun of; tease
  2. British and Irish slang to play a trick on; fool
  1. British and Irish slang a hoax or trick
  2. Irish slang a fraud; hoaxerhe's an old cod
adjective (prenominal)
  1. British slang mock; shamcod Latin

Word Origin

C19: perhaps from earlier cod a fool, perhaps shortened from codger


  1. Northern English dialect a fellow; chaphe's a nice old cod

Word Origin

of unknown origin


  1. Cape Cod See Cape Cod


abbreviation for
  1. cash on delivery
  2. (in the US) collect on delivery
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Word Origin and History for cods



large sea fish, mid-14c. (late 13c. in a surname, Thomas cotfich), of unknown origin; despite similarity of form it has no conclusive connection to the widespread Germanic word for "bag" (e.g. Old English codd, preserved in codpiece). Cod-liver oil known since at least 1610s, was recommended medicinally since 1783, but not popular as a remedy until after 1825.

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cods in Culture


An abbreviation for “cash on delivery” or “collect on delivery.”

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