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Cushing's disease

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noun Pathology.
  1. a disease characterized by abnormal accumulations of facial and trunk fat, fatigue, hypertension, and osteoporosis, caused by hyperfunction of the adrenal cortex or administration of adrenal cortical hormones.

Origin of Cushing's disease

1935–40; after H. W. Cushing, who first described it
Also called Cushing's syndrome.
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Cushing's disease

Cushing's syndrome

  1. a rare condition caused by excess corticosteroid hormones in the body, characterized chiefly by obesity of the trunk and face, high blood pressure, fatigue, and loss of calcium from the bones

Word Origin

C20: named after Harvey Williams Cushing (1869–1939), US neurosurgeon
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cushing's syndrome in Medicine

Cushing's syndrome

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  1. A syndrome caused by an increased production of ACTH from a tumor of the adrenal cortex or of the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. It is characterized by obesity and weakening of the muscles.Cushing's basophilism Cushing's disease pituitary basophilism
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cushing's syndrome in Science

Cushing's syndrome

  1. A syndrome caused by an excess of corticosteroids, especially cortisol, in the blood, characterized by obesity, muscle and skin atrophy, facial fullness (known as moon facies), hypertension, and other physical changes. Glucocorticoid excess is usually caused by a tumor of the adrenal cortex, excessive intake of ACTH or glucocorticoids, or increased production of ACTH from a tumor of the anterior lobe of the pituitary gland. Cushing's syndrome is named after its discoverer, American neurosurgeon Harvey Williams Cushing (1869-1939).
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