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[dih-sid-er-uh-tiv, -uh-rey-tiv]
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  1. having or expressing desire.
  2. Grammar. (of a verb derived from another verb) expressing desire to perform the action denoted by the underlying verb, as Sanskrit pi-patiṣ-ati “he wishes to fly” from pát-ati, “he flies.”
  1. Grammar. a desiderative verb.

Origin of desiderative

From the Late Latin word dēsīderātīvus, dating back to 1545–55. See desiderate, -ive
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Historical Examples

  • Associated words: desiderative, desideratum, orectic, optative.

    Putnam's Word Book

    Louis A. Flemming

  • Reduplication was further adapted to the expression of intensity and desire (in the so-called intensive and desiderative forms).

British Dictionary definitions for desiderative


  1. feeling or expressing desire
  2. (in certain languages, of a verb) related in form to another verb and expressing the subject's desire or intention to perform the act denoted by the other verb
  1. a desiderative verb
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