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  1. the place where Adam and Eve lived before the Fall. Gen. 2:8–24.
  2. any delightful region or abode; paradise.
  3. a state of perfect happiness or bliss.
  4. a town in N North Carolina.

Origin of Eden1

From the Hebrew word 'ēden delight, pleasure
Also called Garden of Eden (for defs 1–3).
Related formsE·den·ic [ee-den-ik] /iˈdɛn ɪk/, adjective


  1. (Robert) Anthony, Earl of Avon,1897–1977, British statesman: prime minister 1955–57.
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  1. Also called: Garden of Eden Old Testament the garden in which Adam and Eve were placed at the Creation
  2. a delightful place, region, dwelling, etc; paradise
  3. a state of great delight, happiness, or contentment; bliss
Derived FormsEdenic (iːˈdɛnɪk), adjective

Word Origin

C14: from Late Latin, from Hebrew `ēdhen place of pleasure


  1. Sir (Robert) Anthony, Earl of Avon. 1897–1977, British Conservative statesman; foreign secretary (1935–38; 1940–45; 1951–55) and prime minister (1955–57). He resigned after the controversy caused by the occupation of the Suez Canal zone by British and French forces (1956)
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early 13c., "delightful place," figurative use of the place described in Genesis, usually referred to Hebrew edhen "pleasure, delight," but perhaps from Ugaritic base 'dn and meaning "a place that is well-watered throughout" (see also Aden).

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