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  1. Edward TrowbridgeEddie, 1887–1951, U.S. baseball player.
  2. Michael,1890–1922, Irish revolutionist and patriot.
  3. Michael,born 1930, U.S. astronaut.
  4. William,1721–59, English poet.
  5. (William) Wil·kie [wil-kee] /ˈwɪl ki/, 1824–89, English novelist.
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  1. a tall fizzy iced drink made with gin, vodka, rum, etc, mixed with fruit juice, soda water, and sugar

Word Origin

C20: probably after the proper name Collins


  1. Michael. 1890–1922, Irish republican revolutionary: a leader of Sinn Féin; member of the Irish delegation that negotiated the treaty with Great Britain (1921) that established the Irish Free State
  2. (William) Wilkie. 1824–89, British author, noted particularly for his suspense novel The Moonstone (1868)
  3. William. 1721–59, British poet, noted for his odes; regarded as a precursor of romanticism
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"iced gin drink served in a tall glass" (called a Collins glass), 1940, American English; earlier Tom Collins (by 1878), of uncertain origin. Popular in early 1940s; bartending purists at the time denied it could be based on anything but gin. The surname (12c.) is from a masc. proper name, a diminutive of Col, itself a pet form of Nicholas.

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