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  1. Eastern Church.
    1. a patriarch's deputy.
    2. a title originally applied to a patriarch but later applied only to a bishop ranking below a patriarch and above a metropolitan.
  2. the ruler of a province in the Byzantine Empire.

Origin of exarch1

1580–90; < Late Latin exarchus superintendent < Greek éxarchos overseer, leader, equivalent to ex- ex-3 + -archos -arch
Related formsex·arch·al, adjective


adjective Botany.
  1. (of a primary xylem or root) developing from the center; having the youngest cells closest to the core.

Origin of exarch2

1890–95; ex-2 + Greek archḗ beginning
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  1. the head of certain autonomous Orthodox Christian Churches, such as that of Bulgaria and Cyprus
  2. any of certain Eastern Orthodox bishops, lower in rank than a patriarch but higher than a metropolitan
  3. the governor of a province in the Byzantine Empire
Derived Formsexarchal, adjective

Word Origin

C16: from Late Latin exarchus overseer, from Greek exarkhos, from exarkhein to take the lead, from arkhein to rule


  1. botany (of a xylem strand) having the first-formed xylem external to that formed laterCompare endarch, mesarch

Word Origin

C19: from ex- 1 (outside) + Greek arkhē beginning, origin
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Word Origin and History for exarch


from Late Latin exarchus, from Greek exarkhos, from ex (see ex- (2)) + arkhos "leader, chief, ruler" (see archon).

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