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[ig-zoo-ber-uh ns]
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  1. Also ex·u·ber·an·cy. the state of being exuberant.
  2. an instance of this: His pranks are youthful exuberances.

Origin of exuberance

From the Latin word exūberantia, dating back to 1630–40. See exuberant, -ance
Related formsnon·ex·u·ber·ance, nounnon·ex·u·ber·an·cy, nouno·ver·ex·u·ber·ance, noun
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1630s, from French exubérance (16c.), from Latin exuberantia "superabundance," noun of state from exuberare (see exuberant). Exuberancy attested from 1610s.

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