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  1. Ferdinand Can·ning Scott [kan-ing] /ˈkæn ɪŋ/, 1864–1937, English philosopher in the U.S.
  2. Jo·hann Chris·toph Frie·drich von [yoh-hahn kris-tawf free-drikh fuh n] /ˈyoʊ hɑn ˈkrɪs tɔf ˈfri drɪx fən/, 1759–1805, German poet, dramatist, and historian.
  3. Astronomy. an elliptical walled plain in the third quadrant of the face of the moon: about 112 miles (180 km) in length and 60 miles (100 km) in width.
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  1. an unusual iridescent or metallic lustre in some minerals caused by internal reflection from certain inclusions such as gas cavities or mineral intergrowths. Formula: NaFe 3 B 3 Al 3 (Al 3 Si 6 O 27)(OH) 4

Word Origin

C19: from German Schiller iridescence, from Old High German scilihen to blink


  1. Johann Christoph Friedrich von (joˈhan ˈkrɪstɔf ˈfriːdrɪç fɔn). 1759–1805, German poet, dramatist, historian, and critic. His concern with the ideal freedom of the human spirit to rise above the constraints placed upon it is reflected in his great trilogy Wallenstein (1800) and in Maria Stuart (1800)
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