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noun, plural fi·bri·nol·y·ses [fahy-bruh-nol-uh-seez] /ˌfaɪ brəˈnɒl əˌsiz/. Biochemistry.
  1. the disintegration or dissolution of fibrin, especially by enzymatic action.

Origin of fibrinolysis

First recorded in 1905–10; fibrino- + -lysis
Related formsfi·bri·no·lyt·ic [fahy-bruh-noh-lit-ik, fahy-brin-l-it-] /ˌfaɪ brə noʊˈlɪt ɪk, faɪˌbrɪn lˈɪt-/, adjective
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Historical Examples

  • Fibrinolytic and coagulent activities of certain snake venoms and proteases.

    Natural History of Cottonmouth Moccasin, Agkistrodon piscovorus (Reptilia)

    Ray D. Burkett

British Dictionary definitions for fibrinolytic


  1. the breakdown of fibrin in blood clots, esp by enzymes
Derived Formsfibrinolytic (ˌfaɪbrɪnəʊˈlɪtɪk), adjective
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fibrinolytic in Medicine


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n. pl. fi•bri•nol•y•ses (-sēz′)
  1. The breakdown of fibrin, usually by the enzymatic action of plasmin.
Related formsfi′bri•no•lytic (-nə-lĭtĭk) adj.
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