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[fin-oh-oo-grik, -yoo-]
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  1. the major branch of the Uralic family of languages, subdivided into Finnic, which includes Finnish and Estonian, and Ugric, which includes Hungarian.
  1. of or relating to these languages.

Origin of Finno-Ugric

First recorded in 1875–80
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Historical Examples

  • In the seventh century of the Christian era a Finno-ugric tribe reached the banks of the Danube.

    The Balkan Peninsula

    Frank Fox

  • A connexion between the Finno-Ugric and Dravidian languages has also been suggested.

  • The name Finno-Ugric is primarily linguistic and must not be pressed as indicating a community of physical features and customs.

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  1. a family of languages spoken in Scandinavia, Hungary, and NE Europe, including Finnish, Estonian, Hungarian, Ostyak, and Vogul: generally regarded as a subfamily of UralicSee also Ural-Altaic
  1. of, relating to, speaking, or belonging to this family of languages
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