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  1. 1st Earl of. Robert Dudley.
  2. a city in Leicestershire in central England.
  3. Leicestershire.
  4. one of an English breed of large sheep, noted for its coarse, long wool and large yield of mutton.


  1. Robert, 1st Earl of Leicester,1532?–88, British statesman and favorite of Queen Elizabeth.
  2. Thomas,1576–1653, English governor of Massachusetts Bay Colony, 1634–35, 1640–41, 1645–46, 1650–51.
  3. a borough in West Midlands, central England, near Birmingham.
  4. a male given name: from an Old English placename meaning “dry field.”
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  1. a town in W central England, in Dudley unitary authority, West Midlands: wrought-iron industry. Pop: 194 919 (2001)
  2. a unitary authority in W central England, in West Midlands. Pop: 304 800 (2003 est). Area: 98 sq km (38 sq miles)


  1. Robert. See (Earl of) Leicester


  1. a city in central England, in Leicester unitary authority, on the River Soar: administrative centre of Leicestershire: Roman remains and a ruined Norman castle; two universities (1957, 1992); light engineering, hosiery, and footwear industries. Pop: 283 900 (2003 est)
  2. a unitary authority in central England, in Leicestershire. Pop: 330 574 (2001). Area: 73 sq km (28 sq miles)
  3. short for Leicestershire
  4. a breed of sheep with long wool, originally from Leicestershire
  5. a fairly mild dark orange whole-milk cheese, similar to Cheddar


  1. Earl of. title of Robert Dudley. ?1532–88, English courtier; favourite of Elizabeth I. He led an unsuccessful expedition to the Netherlands (1585–87)
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Ligera ceaster (early 10c.) "Roman Town of the People Called Ligore," a tribal name, of unknown origin. For second element, see Chester.

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