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[floo-rom-i-ter, flaw-, floh-]
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  1. an instrument for measuring fluorescence, often as a means of determining the nature of the substance emitting the fluorescence.

Origin of fluorometer

First recorded in 1895–1900; fluoro- + -meter
Related formsfluor·o·met·ric [floo r-uh-me-trik, flawr-uh-, flohr-uh-] /ˌflʊər əˈmɛ trɪk, ˌflɔr ə-, ˌfloʊr ə-/, adjectivefluo·rom·e·try, noun
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British Dictionary definitions for fluorometry


fluorimeter (ˌflʊəˈrɪmɪtə)

  1. an instrument for inducing fluorescence by irradiation and for examination of the emission spectrum of the resulting fluorescent light
  2. a device for detecting and measuring ultraviolet radiation by determining the amount of fluorescence that it produces from a phosphor
Derived Formsfluorometric (ˌflʊərəʊˈmɛtrɪk) or fluorimetric (ˌflʊərɪˈmɛtrɪk), adjectivefluorometry or fluorimetry, noun
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fluorometry in Medicine


(flu-rŏmĭ-trē, flô-)
  1. An analytic method for detecting and measuring fluorescence in compounds that uses ultraviolet light stimulating the compounds, causing them to emit visible light.
Related formsfluor′o•metric (flur′ə-mĕtrĭk, flôr′-) adj.


(flu-rŏmĭ-tər, flô-)
  1. An instrument for detecting and measuring fluorescence.
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