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[frig]Slang: Vulgar.
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verb (used with object), frigged, frig·ging.
  1. to copulate with.
  2. to take advantage of; victimize.
  3. to masturbate.
verb (used without object), frigged, frig·ging.
  1. to copulate.
  2. to masturbate.
Verb Phrases
  1. frig around/about, to fool around; waste time.

Origin of frig1

1425–75; earlier, to move about restlessly, rub; late Middle English friggen to quiver


noun Informal.
  1. refrigerator.
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Historical Examples

  • He would strike out of the cold iron, be often in the dumps, and frig and wriggle it.

    Gargantua and Pantagruel, Complete.

    Francois Rabelais

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verb frigs, frigging or frigged taboo, slang
  1. to have sexual intercourse (with)
  2. to masturbate
  3. (intr; foll by around, about, etc) to behave foolishly or aimlessly

Word Origin

C15 (in the sense: to wriggle): of uncertain origin; perhaps related to obsolete frike strong, or to Old English frīgan to love
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Word Origin and History for frig


"to move about restlessly," mid-15c., perhaps a variant of frisk (q.v.). As a euphemism for "to fuck" it dates from 1680s, earlier as "to masturbate" (1670s). Related: Frigged; frigging.

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