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[friz-uh l]
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verb (used with or without object), friz·zled, friz·zling.
  1. to form into small, crisp curls; frizz.
  1. a short, crisp curl.

Origin of frizzle1

1555–65; origin uncertain; compare Old English frīs curled, Old Frisian frēsle lock of hair
Related formsfriz·zler, noun


[friz-uh l]
verb (used without object), friz·zled, friz·zling.
  1. to make a sizzling or sputtering noise in frying or the like: the sound of bacon frizzling on the stove.
verb (used with object), friz·zled, friz·zling.
  1. to make (food) crisp by frying.

Origin of frizzle2

First recorded in 1830–40; fr(y)1 + (s)izzle
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Examples from the Web for frizzle

Historical Examples

  • "When th' fat's in th' fire, let it frizzle," admonished his uncle Frank.

    The Rainbow

    D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence

  • I'll sit in the shade an' watch him frizzle an' yell when the hide shrinks in the sun.

    Rimrock Trail

    J. Allan Dunn

  • By the time I was actually on the outskirts of the town, I was "baked to a frizzle."

  • She watched them curl and frizzle and burn; and presently they were ashes.

    Mrs. Craddock

    W. Somerset Maugham

  • “I should say so; and also frizzle your back teeth,” added Sid.

British Dictionary definitions for frizzle


  1. to form (the hair) into tight crisp curls; frizz
  1. a tight crisp curl
Derived Formsfrizzler, noun

Word Origin

C16: probably related to Old English frīs curly, Old Frisian frēsle curl, ringlet


  1. to scorch or be scorched, esp with a sizzling noise
  2. (tr) to fry (bacon, etc) until crisp

Word Origin

C16: probably blend of fry 1 + sizzle
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Word Origin and History for frizzle


"curl hair," 1560s, perhaps related to Old English fris "curly" and Old Frisian frisle. Or else from Middle French friser "to curl" (see frizz (v.)). Related: Frizzled; frizzling. As a noun from 1610s, "crisp curl," from the verb.

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