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noun (sometimes initial capital letter) Nautical.
  1. a large jib for cruising and racing yachts, overlapping the mainsail.

Origin of genoa

First recorded in 1930–35; after Genoa
Also called genoa jib, Genoa jib, reaching jib.


  1. a seaport in NW Italy, S of Milan.
Italian Genova.
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  1. yachting a large triangular jib sail, often with a foot that extends as far aft as the clew of the mainsailAlso called: genoa jib Sometimes shortened to: genny, jenny


  1. a port in NW Italy, capital of Liguria, on the Gulf of Genoa: Italy's main port; an independent commercial city with many colonies in the Middle Ages; university (1243); heavy industries. Pop: 610 307 (2001)Italian name: Genova
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Word Origin and History for genoa


city in Italy, Italian Genova, from Latin Genua, perhaps from a PIE root meaning "curve, bend," which means it could be a cognate of Geneva. Other theories hold it to be perhaps from janua "gate," or in reference to the Italic god Janus. Adjective forms in English included Middle English Genoway (also in plural, Janeways), c.1400, from Old French Genoveis, from Italian Genovese. In later English, Genoese is from 1550s; Genovese from c.1600.

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