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  1. agricultural.
  1. a poem on an agricultural theme.

Origin of georgic

1505–15; < Latin geōrgicus < Greek geōrgikós, equivalent to geōrg(ós) husbandman (geō- geo- + -ourgos working, worker, akin to érgon work) + -ikos -ic
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  1. literary agricultural
  1. a poem about rural or agricultural life

Word Origin

C16: from Latin geōrgicus, from Greek geōrgikos, from geōrgos farmer, from land, earth + -ourgos, from ergon work
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Word Origin and History for georgic

1510s, Georgics, title of Virgil's poems on rural life, from Latin georgica, from georgicus (adj.), from Greek georgikos "of a husbandman, agricultural," from ge "earth" + ergon "work" (see urge (v.)). As an adjective meaning "related to agriculture" from 1711.

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