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[guh-voo rts-truh-mee-ner; German guh-vyrts-trah-mee-nuhr]
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  1. a type of white grape used in winemaking.
  2. a dry white table wine of Germany, the Alsace region of France, and northern California.

Origin of Gewürztraminer

< German, equivalent to Gewürz spice, seasoning (derivative of Würze spice; see wort1) + Traminer a wine and grape variety of the South Tirol, after Tramin a wine-growing district there; see -er1
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British Dictionary definitions for gewurztraminer


  1. a white grape grown in Alsace, Germany, and elsewhere, used for making wine
  2. any of various fragrant white wines made from this grape

Word Origin

German, from Gewürz spice, seasoning + Traminer a variety of grape first grown in the Tramin area of the South Tyrol
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