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hadad in the Bible

Adod, brave(?), the name of a Syrian god. (1.) An Edomite king who defeated the Midianites (Gen. 36:35; 1 Chr. 1:46). (2.) Another Edomite king (1 Chr. 1:50, 51), called also Hadar (Gen. 36:39; 1 Chr. 1:51). (3.) One of "the king's seed in Edom." He fled into Egypt, where he married the sister of Pharaoh's wife (1 Kings 11:14-22). He became one of Solomon's adversaries. Hadad, sharp, (a different name in Hebrew from the preceding), one of the sons of Ishmael (1 Chr. 1:30). Called also Hadar (Gen. 25:15).

Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
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Historical Examples
  • There can be little doubt that the partnership of hadad with Anu was a late one.

  • And this was the calamity which the Hebrews suffered by hadad.

    The Antiquities of the Jews Flavius Josephus
  • T was my purpose, returning, to have drawn upon hadad's beast the notice of the Queen.

    Zenobia William Ware
  • I cried aloud to hadad, who was urging his animal to its utmost speed.

    Zenobia William Ware
  • There one of the first objects that greeted me, was hadad and the mother of my Ishmael.

    Zenobia William Ware
  • I then looked around for hadad and the woman, but they were no where to be seen.

    Zenobia William Ware
  • hadad (or Adad) was a relation of the Iduman king whom David had conquered.

  • While here, hadad related what befel him after our separation.

    Zenobia William Ware
  • We would here pay a tribute to our countryman Hillhouse, whose hadad, read at a very early age, we remember with much delight.

  • I at first went without hadad, that I might observe with the more leisure.

    Zenobia William Ware

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