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  1. he2.


or heh

  1. the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet.
  2. any of the sounds represented by this letter.

Origin of he2

From the Hebrew word hēʾ
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Historical Examples

  • Then all the Red Children would cry, "Heh," and draw close to the fire.

  • What in the name of the seven saintly sisters did I ever want to be a farmer for, heh?

    The Trail of the Hawk

    Sinclair Lewis

  • Now I have chosen seas of peach blossom; and no danger of shipwreck, heh?

    Walking Shadows

    Alfred Noyes

  • His face is as white and smooth as Mimika's shoulders—but there is no powder on it, heh?

    Walking Shadows

    Alfred Noyes

  • And there's your third chapter; and your fourth, too, Roy—a dramatic situation, heh?

    Walking Shadows

    Alfred Noyes

British Dictionary definitions for heh


  1. an exclamation of surprise or inquiry


heh-heh (ˈhɛˈhɛ)

  1. an indication of sly amusement, used esp in electronic communication


the chemical symbol for
  1. helium


abbreviation for
  1. high explosive
  2. His Eminence
  3. His (or Her) Excellency


pronoun (subjective)
  1. refers to a male person or animalhe looks interesting; he's a fine stallion
  2. refers to an indefinite antecedent such as one, whoever, or anybodyeverybody can do as he likes in this country
  3. refers to a person or animal of unknown or unspecified sexa member of the party may vote as he sees fit
    1. a male person or animal
    2. (in combination)he-goat
    1. a children's game in which one player chases the others in an attempt to touch one of them, who then becomes the chaserCompare tag 2
    2. the person chasingCompare it 1 (def. 7)

Word Origin

Old English hē; related to Old Saxon hie, Old High German her he, Old Slavonic this, Latin cis on this side


  1. the fifth letter of the Hebrew alphabet (ה), transliterated as h


  1. an expression of amusement or derisionAlso: he-he!, hee-hee!
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Word Origin and History for heh

mid-15c., originally an exclamation of emotions such as sorrow or surprise. As the sound of a light laugh, by 1808.



Old English he (see paradigm of Old English third person pronoun below), from Proto-Germanic *hi- (cf. Old Saxon, Old Frisian, Middle Dutch he, hi, Dutch hy, Old High German he), from PIE *ki-, variant of *ko-, the "this, here" (as opposed to "that, there") root (cf. Hittite ki "this," Greek ekeinos "that person," Old Church Slavonic si, Lithuanian šis "this"), and thus the source of the third person pronouns in Old English. The feminine, hio, was replaced in early Middle English by forms from other stems (see she), while the h- wore off Old English neuter hit to make modern it. The Proto-Germanic root also is the source of the first element in German heute "today," literally "the day" (cf. Old English heodæg).

-masc.neut.fem.(all genders)
nom.hehitheo, hiohie, hi
acc.hinehithie, hihie, hi
gen.hishishirehira, heora
dat.himhimhirehim, heom

Pleonastic use with the noun ("Mistah Kurtz, he dead") is attested from late Old English. With animal words, meaning "male" (he-goat, etc.) from c.1300.

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heh in Medicine


  1. The symbol for the elementhelium

heh in Science


  1. The symbol for helium.

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