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noun (used with a singular verb) Pathology.
  1. (formerly) edema.

Origin of hydrops

1700–10; < Latin hydrōps < Greek hýdrōps dropsy, equivalent to hydr- hydr-1 + -ōps appearance (literally, eye, face), apparently by confusion with ópsis appearance
Also called hy·drop·sy [hahy-drop-see] /ˈhaɪ drɒp si/.
Related formshy·drop·tic, adjective
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Examples from the Web for hydroptic

Historical Examples

  • He must escape from that “hydroptic, immoderate” thirst of experience by yielding to it.

    The Art of Letters</p>

    Robert Lynd

  • He must escape from that "hydroptic immoderate" thirst of experience by yielding to it.

  • But the scent that the lover uses gives him away and so he is by her "hydroptic father catechized."

    Why we should read

    S. P. B. Mais

hydroptic in Medicine


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  1. The excessive accumulation of serous fluid in tissues or cavities of the body.
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