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[ih-kair-ee-uh, ahy-kair-; Greek ee-kah-ree-ah]
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  1. Also Ikaria. a Greek island in the Aegean Sea: a part of the Southern Sporades group. 99 sq. mi. (256 sq. km).
  2. any of the former Utopian communities founded by the followers of Étienne Cabet, especially the one established at Nauvoo, Illinois, in 1849.
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Historical Examples

  • I'll direct you telepathically when you reach Icaria, if we aren't already there.

    Rebels of the Red Planet

    Charles Louis Fontenay

  • Icaria has no inhabitants, but it has pastures, of which the Samians avail themselves.

  • Icaria is a romantic sequel to the Owen and Fourier colonies.

    Our Foreigners

    Samuel P. Orth

  • As a result, Cabet, in 1856, was expelled from his own Icaria!

    Our Foreigners

    Samuel P. Orth

  • Then an inventive young poet from the village of Icaria in Attica hit upon a new idea which proved a tremendous success.

    The Story of Mankind

    Hendrik Van Loon

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  1. a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, in the Southern Sporades group. Area: 256 sq km (99 sq miles)Modern Greek name: Ikaría Also called: Nikaria
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