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idiot savant

[id-ee-uh t sa-vahnt, suh-vant, sav-uh nt; French ee-dyoh sa-vahn]
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noun, plural id·i·ot sa·vants, French id·i·ots sa·vants [ee-dyoh sa-vahn] /i dyoʊ saˈvɑ̃/. Psychiatry.
  1. a mentally defective person with an exceptional skill or talent in a special field, as a highly developed ability to play music or to solve complex mathematical problems mentally at great speed.

Origin of idiot savant

1925–30; < French: literally, learned idiot
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British Dictionary definitions for idiot savant

idiot savant

noun plural idiots savants (ˈiːdjəʊ sæˈvɑ̃) or idiot savants
  1. a person with learning difficulties who performs brilliantly at some specialized intellectual task, such as giving the day of the week for any calendar date past or present

Word Origin

C19: from French: knowledgeable idiot
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idiot savant in Medicine

idiot savant

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n. pl. idiot savants
  1. A mentally retarded person who exhibits genius in a highly specialized area, such as mathematics.
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