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  1. Literary. India.
  2. Obsolete. the Indies.

Origin of Ind

1175–1225; Middle English Inde < Old French Inde < Latin India India


  1. investigative new drug.


  1. independence.
  2. independent.
  3. index.
  4. indicated.
  5. indicative.
  6. indigo.
  7. indirect.
  8. industrial.
  9. industry.


  1. India.
  2. Indian(def 2).Also Ind
  3. Indiana.
  4. Indies.


  1. variant of indo- before a vowel: indamine.


  1. in the name of God.

Origin of I.N.D.

From the Latin word in nōmine Deī
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Examples from the Web for ind

Historical Examples

  • From ind to ind of the land, the downtrodden serfs of Ireland are rising in their millions.

    My New Curate

    P.A. Sheehan

  • So she 'olds the brat, and I never sees it agin; and there's an ind of the bother!'

    Lucretia, Complete

    Edward Bulwer-Lytton

  • Begorra thin, was it this Ind ye'd be afther wantin' me to hould?

  • Things wurrk out in the ind, if we do be doin' the bist we know how.

    The Long Dim Trail

    Forrestine C. Hooker

  • Begob, it's mesilf that thought ye'd moved to the ind of nowhere.

    The Doctor

    Ralph Connor

British Dictionary definitions for ind


  1. a poetic name for India
  2. an obsolete name for the Indies


abbreviation for
  1. Also: IDN in nomine Dei
  2. India (international car registration)

Word Origin

(for sense 1) Latin: in the name of God


abbreviation for
  1. Independent
  2. India
  3. Indian
  4. Indiana
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