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[yahr-tsahyt, yawr-]
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noun Judaism.
  1. Yahrzeit.


or Jahr·zeit

[yahr-tsahyt, yawr-]
noun Judaism.
  1. the anniversary of the death of a parent, sibling, child, or spouse, observed by lighting a memorial lamp or candle the night before and reciting the Kaddish at the evening service of the day before and at the morning and afternoon services of the day itself.

Origin of Yahrzeit

1850–55; < Yiddish yortsayt, equivalent to yor year + tsayt time (see tide1); compare Middle High German jārzīt anniversary
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  1. Judaism the anniversary of the death of a close relative, on which it is customary to kindle a light and recite the Kaddish and also, in some communities, to observe a fast

Word Origin

Yiddish, from Middle High German jārzīt anniversary; see year, tide 1
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