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[mil] /mɪl/
James, 1773–1836, English philosopher, historian, and economist, born in Scotland.
his son, John Stuart, 1806–73, English philosopher and economist. Unabridged
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Examples from the Web for john stuart mill
Contemporary Examples
  • The smartest of the overwhelmingly male and European luminaries they ranked was john stuart mill, with an estimated IQ of 190.

    What is a Genius? Nick Romeo November 8, 2013
  • Thomas Gradgrind operates a school that parodies the educational methods of James Mill, father of john stuart mill.

Historical Examples
British Dictionary definitions for john stuart mill


a building in which grain is crushed and ground to make flour
a factory, esp one which processes raw materials: a steel mill
any of various processing or manufacturing machines, esp one that grinds, presses, or rolls
any of various small hand mills used for grinding pepper, salt, or coffee for domestic purposes See also coffee mill, pepper mill
a hard roller for impressing a design, esp in a textile-printing machine or in a machine for printing banknotes
a system, institution, etc, that influences people or things in the manner of a factory: going through the educational mill
an unpleasant experience; ordeal (esp in the phrases go or be put through the mill)
a fist fight
run of the mill, ordinary or routine
(transitive) to grind, press, or pulverize in or as if in a mill
(transitive) to process or produce in or with a mill
to cut or roll (metal) with or as if with a milling machine
(transitive) to groove or flute the edge of (a coin)
(intransitive; often foll by about or around) to move about in a confused manner
(usually transitive) (rare) to beat (chocolate, etc)
(archaic, slang) to fight, esp with the fists
Derived Forms
millable, adjective
Word Origin
Old English mylen from Late Latin molīna a mill, from Latin mola mill, millstone, from molere to grind


a US and Canadian monetary unit used in calculations, esp for property taxes, equal to one thousandth of a dollar
Word Origin
C18: short for Latin mīllēsimum a thousandth (part)


James. 1773–1836, Scottish philosopher, historian, and economist. He expounded Bentham's utilitarian philosophy in Elements of Political Economy (1821) and Analysis of the Phenomena of the Human Mind (1829) and also wrote a History of British India (1817–18)
his son, John Stuart. 1806–73, English philosopher and economist. He modified Bentham's utilitarian philosophy in Utilitarianism (1861) and in his treatise On Liberty (1859) he defended the rights and freedom of the individual. Other works include A System of Logic (1843) and Principles of Political Economy (1848)
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Word Origin and History for john stuart mill



"building fitted to grind grain," Old English mylen "a mill" (10c.), an early Germanic borrowing from Late Latin molina, molinum "mill" (source of French moulin, Spanish molino), originally fem. and neuter of molinus "pertaining to a mill," from Latin mola "mill, millstone," related to molere "to grind," from PIE *mele-, *mel- "to crush, grind," with derivatives referring to ground material and tools for grinding (cf. Greek myle "mill;" see mallet).

Also from Late Latin molina, directly or indirectly, are German Mühle, Old Saxon mulin, Old Norse mylna, Danish mølle, Old Church Slavonic mulinu. Broader sense of "grinding machine" is attested from 1550s. Other types of manufacturing machines driven by wind or water, whether for grinding or not, began to be called mills by early 15c. Sense of "building fitted with industrial machinery" is from c.1500.

"one-tenth cent," 1786, an original U.S. currency unit but now used only for tax calculation purposes, shortening of Latin millesimum "one-thousandth," from mille "a thousand" (see million). Formed on the analogy of cent, which is short for Latin centesimus "one hundredth" (of a dollar).


"to grind," 1550s, from mill (n.1). Related: milled; milling.

"to keep moving round and round in a mass," 1874 (implied in milling), originally of cattle, from mill (n.1) on resemblance to the action of a mill wheel. Related: Milled.

Online Etymology Dictionary, © 2010 Douglas Harper
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Slang definitions & phrases for john stuart mill

mill 1


A million dollars: That'll cost the government a cool six mill (1955+)

mill 2


  1. A prizefight: the night of the KO Kelly mill (1842+ Prizefighting)
  2. A military prison or guardhouse (WWI armed forces)
  3. A car or motorcycle engine: Has it got the magnum mill?/ They both chuckled and fired up their mills (1918+)
  4. A car: A squirrel is a reckless driver of a mill (automobile) (1950s+ Teenagers)
  5. A locomotive (1925+ Railroad)
  6. A typewriter (1919+ Newspaper office)

Related Terms

gin mill, go through the mill, grog-mill, rumor mill, run-of-the-mill, through the mill

The Dictionary of American Slang, Fourth Edition by Barbara Ann Kipfer, PhD. and Robert L. Chapman, Ph.D.
Copyright (C) 2007 by HarperCollins Publishers.
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john stuart mill in the Bible

for grinding corn, mentioned as used in the time of Abraham (Gen. 18:6). That used by the Hebrews consisted of two circular stones, each 2 feet in diameter and half a foot thick, the lower of which was called the "nether millstone" (Job 41:24) and the upper the "rider." The upper stone was turned round by a stick fixed in it as a handle. There were then no public mills, and thus each family required to be provided with a hand-mill. The corn was ground daily, generally by the women of the house (Isa. 47:1, 2; Matt. 24:41). It was with the upper stone of a hand-mill that "a certain woman" at Thebez broke Abimelech's skull (Judg. 9:53, "a piece of a millstone;" literally, "a millstone rider", i.e., the "runner," the stone which revolves. Comp. 2 Sam. 11:21). Millstones could not be pledged (Deut. 24:6), as they were necessary in every family.

Easton's 1897 Bible Dictionary
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Idioms and Phrases with john stuart mill
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