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[jook, joo k]
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noun Slang.
  1. juke joint.
Also called jook joint.


noun, verb (used with or without object) Scot.
  1. jouk.


or jook

  1. a sudden, elusive movement.
verb (used with or without object)
  1. to dodge or duck.

Origin of jouk

First recorded in 1510–20; apparently variant of duck2
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Historical Examples

  • Hinnissy, if he had his rights, is Jook iv Munster; an' ye know what he's got.

    Mr. Dooley in Peace and in War</p>

    Finley Peter Dunne

  • Ye can't think of a jook bein' poor, but 'tis a fact that they'se many a wan iv thim that's carryin' th' banner at this minyit.

  • The Jook iv Marlburrow, whin he come out iv th' academy where they had him, he hadn't a cint to his name.

  • Their arrival is known by the vigorous calls they utter while flying, a loud bass "jook."

  • Jan was very happy, and the brief dream of the “jook” was over, but his heart clung to his old home.

    Jan of the Windmill

    Juliana Horatia Ewing

British Dictionary definitions for jook


Caribbean informal chook

  1. (tr) to poke or puncture (the skin)
  1. a jab or the resulting wound

Word Origin

C20: of uncertain origin


  1. to duck or dodge
  1. a sudden evasive movement

Word Origin

C16: of uncertain origin
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Word Origin and History for jook


"dodge, duck," 1510s, Scottish, of unknown origin. Related: Jooked; jooking.



see jook.

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