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Kriss Kringle

[kris kring-guh l]
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  1. Santa Claus.

Origin of Kriss Kringle

alteration, by folk etymology, of German Christkindl little Christ child, equivalent to Christ Christ + kind child + -l diminutive suffix
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British Dictionary definitions for kriss kringle

Kriss Kringle

  1. mainly US another name for Santa Claus

Word Origin

changed from German Christkindl little Christ child, from Christ + Kindl, from Kind child
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Word Origin and History for kriss kringle

Kriss Kringle

1830, Christ-kinkle (in a Pennsylvania German context, and as a reminiscence of times past, so probably at least a generation older in that setting), from German Christkindlein, Christkind'l "Christ child." Properly Baby Jesus, not Santa Claus.

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